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Virtual CTO

A chief technology officer (CTO) is the executive that is in charge of a company's technological needs and policies.  They oversee the effectiveness and efficiency of procedures, systems, and software in place.  It is their job to communicate with the other executives, research new technologies, and offer solutions that could improve and enhance the business.


What can a CTO do for your organization?

A CTO bridges the gap between business and technological needs.  As technology becomes more of a strategic function of business, an expert is needed to evaluate the different options and implement tools and technologies that will serve the company well into the future.  If your organization is looking to evaluate a new software program, implement a new procedure or workflow, you may require the expertise and leadership that only an experienced CTO can provide.

What if you don't need a full-time CTO?

If your company is small, or you're not ready to bring on a full time CTO, a virtual / fractional CTO can be a great, less expensive alternative.  Virtual CTOs are consultants who work with your company on a part-time or as-needed basis.  They can help you create or monitor your technology strategy, and provide advisory services at a much more affordable cost.

Our Services

The CTO Agency offers virtual / fractional CTO services available in hourly blocks of time.  You will work directly with one of our team members who will become a strategic partner to your organization.  Contact us if you have any questions or would like a free consultation!

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